"I was skeptical to start therapy and had not had success with other therapists. I thought I wasn't curable, but Jamie's style and personality helped me. She used CBT tools to manage my anxiety. Jamie hit it out of the park. I am so grateful."

-Client, age 28

"I feel like I got the best therapist. Jamie is smart as a whip. She's so empathetic. She is so thoughtful. She really has a gift. I feel like I won the lottery of therapists."

-Client, age 46

"I came in to therapy feeling hopeless and I don't anymore. I have learned through therapy with Jamie that I am capable of anything and that's such a gift. Jamie is really good at what she does. I began feeling better and more like myself again. I respect her as a professional. And I also like her as a person."

-Client, age 31

"I have had therapists that I didn't connect with and therapists who I connected with, but weren't good. With Jamie, I feel like I am doing better now than ten years of therapy with other therapists. I feel like Jamie is in this for me. I feel like I am really getting my money's worth."

-Client, age 35