What is Solution-Focused Therapy?

Solution-Focused Therapy is a goal-directed collaborative approach that focuses on solutions rather than problems or past failures.  Therapy is driven by your existing strengths, assuming that you already have the knowledge and tools to achieve a better life. Therapy helps you take small steps to achieve goals through focusing on the problem right now, finding exceptions and working towards the future in a goal-oriented way.


Solution-Focused Therapy for Depression:

One of the symptoms of depression is hopelessness. If you are struggling with depression, you may tend to ruminate about the past and feel hopeless about your future. Solution-focused therapy specifically targets this by helping you look ahead to a future free from depression, rather than focusing on the things in the past that caused your depression.  Solution-focused therapy values solutions to improve your mood and help you develop new skills.


Solution-Focused Therapy for Anxiety: 

Solution-focused therapy addresses anxiety by helping you change your focus from what is going wrong to what is going right. This shift can help you see beyond your anxiety and engage in more rational patterns of thinking. Solution-focused therapy offers you practical ways to focus on solutions in order to regain control of their life. 


Solution-Focused Therapy for Maternal Distress:

Therapy focuses on the mom’s strengths and skills. She sets goals and focuses on solutions. In therapy, this may include concrete interventions. If the mother’s chief complaint is that she is exhausted and overwhelmed, the therapist and mother may look for opportunities where she can increase sleep by having a partner take on a night-feeding, asking for help from family or friends or finding times during the day where she can rest. In my practice, we focus on increasing the mom’s overall wellness to address and decrease maternal distress. 



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