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 Not Feeling Like Yourself? Or Feeling Depressed?


Pregnancy and parenting is a joyful time in your life. But what if it is not? What if this major change feels overwhelming? Stressful? Unbearable? We help individuals through emotional struggles and transitions, mainly those related to fertility, pregnancy and parenthood. We offer a safe space for you to acknowledge all of your feelings, get support, gain confidence and learn better coping strategies specific to your new role.  

Therapy provides a healing and collaborative relationship that can help you to face challenges and make positive changes in your life. As your therapist, we will build a strong relationship within a safe environment that encourages you to share, reflect and overcome. We will each bring our own expertise into the relationship and find an approach that best meets your needs. This is your journey and we are here to support you. Let's take those first steps together!

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Therapy provides a safe and supportive environment to restore balance and overcome obstacles. We offer a variety of services. Find out which services are right for you... 



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Having a specialization means that your therapist has a depth of knowledge and skills related to one particular area of practice. We are well-versed in many areas. Find out more…



Treatment techniques are approaches used in therapy to help you learn effective coping strategies. We use the latest evidence-based treatments to best meet your needs...